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  • Job description, Bulletin Board Administrator (part-time)

    Ayer Public Access Corporation
    Job Description
    Work with the APAC administrator, APAC directors, Associate Members, and APAC employees to ensure that the APAC provides timely, well-crafted, visually attractive, and readable announcements on its Channel 99 community Bulletin Board.
    The position requires a person who is interested in events, activities, and announcements concerning the Town of Ayer and its surrounding community. APAC is expanding its bulletin board offering and will continue to do so in the future, and the incumbent in this position is expected to participate in the expansion of the bulletin board, as well as other APAC cablecast and online programs.
    Requirements include:
    Taking direction from the APAC Administrator and board members.
    Using basic office-type applications, with a willingness to learn new applications as APAC moves forward with new programs.
    Monitoring the various sources of news and announcement around the community.
    Posting announcements submitted to APAC, modifying them if necessary to make them more readable and understandable.
    Advising and coaching  APAC users on the ways to ensure that their announcements are timely and easily understood
    Updating APAC user/viewer guidelines for the Bulletin Board
    Working with the board and the administrator to increase the utility and functionality of the Bulletin Board program.
    Exercising good judgement on the most suitable typefaces, clip art, and graphics on Bulletin Board slides.
    Helping develop and manage Push Mail initiatives by the APAC board
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