• CEO Roundtable

    It’s lonely at the top! Are you looking for an opportunity to connect with other CEOs and talk about business issues? Are you craving a small network of peers that you can turn to for on-going, confidential advice on increasing profitability, succession planning, leadership, employee management, marketing, and the many other issues that you deal with on a daily basis?

    The goal of the Nashoba Valley CEO Roundtable is to facilitate valuable, confidential, peer-to-peer advice and networking among local CEOs that will help them grow their businesses. 


    How it works:

    There are 10 meetings per year, one per month from September to June, and are scheduled at the beginning of the season.  The meetings run for 2 to 2 1/2 hours.  Group members choose a night to serve as host/hostess.  Each month’s host or hostess provides the meal (anything from sandwiches/pizza to a favorite of the host).  It is the hosts duty to set the agenda and provide dinner.  A meeting facilitator keeps the meeting focused on the topic. Each meeting allows time at the end to discuss member issues that may need immediate attention, and time for the previous month’s host or hostess to report out on how they implemented the group’s advice for their issue. 

    Apply to join today!

    The process of being accepted for this group will be selective (only those that could truly benefit will be selected.) The annual cost is $250 for Chamber members. If you are interested in a seat in the CEO Roundtable, please complete this FORM and a representative from the Chamber will be in contact with you.  

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