• Chamber U Online Training

  • Nashoba Valley Chamber of Commerce is pleased to offer members a new online tool that allows for employee training at discount prices. 

    Chamber members have access to an extensive library of e-learning training courses to keep up to date with changed and new regulatory requirements. Offered in an engaging online format, these courses are self-paced and can be accessed from desktop computers, smartphones or tablets.

    Corporate training is an investment in your employees, but it is also an investment in your organization's success. Your people are the most important asset your company has, and investing in your human resources pays dividends. A comprehensive training program can allow you to instill essential skills, foster leadership, improve motivation and morale, and build the strongest workforce possible. 

    The growing catalog of courses offers hundreds of affordable, fun, and user-friendly courses designed to educate owners & employees in a wide range of areas such as:

    • Compliance & risk mitigation
    • Financial services
    • Business skills
    • Accounting and Quickbooks
    • HR management
    • Sales 
    • MS Office programs
    • Customer service 
    • & more

    Employees can complete the courses at a convenient time and at their own pace. After completing a course, learning assessments validate participation and confirm knowledge of the subject area. Employee transcripts and certificates are stored in the cloud and can be accessed easily for reporting, audits, or other needs. 

    Business owners will benefit as well by staying current with compliance issues, learning new skills and understanding best practices in management, marketing, and new technology. Owners can enroll employees directly in courses or use automated emails to invite employees to participate. For employees, the courses offer on-the-job training at their own speed in subjects ranging from technology to project management to workplace safety.  These courses also allow you to learn best practices to maximize revenue and improve efficiency.

    Many business owners cannot afford the costly price of online employee training and professional development. As a Nashoba Valley Chamber member, take advantage of our substantial negotiated discounts. We want to help you offer useful and needed content for your staff members at an affordable rate.

    We encourage you to explore the content library (CLICK HERE) and enjoy the many benefits of online corporate training.   Create an account today and start saving!!!

    Melissa Fetterhoff, IOM
    President & CEO
    Nashoba Valley Chamber of Commerce

    P.S. We want your feedback! Please share your training needs, thoughts and questions. We will pass the comments on to OUR Partner to improve course content and expand the course offerings.

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