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  • Introducing Nashoba Valley Chamber's "I’m Here" Cards!

    The Nashoba Valley Chamber Chamber of Commerce is always looking for new ideas to help our Chamber members show their appreciation for fellow Chamber members.   The "I'm here" card was born.  

    I’m Here is a business card that Chamber members can use to let other Chamber members know that they have shopped at their business.


    How to Use the I’m Here Card - Two easy ways!  

    Old School

    Next time you are at a fellow Chamber member business, leave the I'm Here card as you leave.  It's a simple way for you to let another Chamber member know you have visited their business.  


    Social Media

    Make sure to snap a photo of the card you are leaving (bonus if you include a logo of the location you are at!) and share to your favorite social media platform.  All we ask - please tag the Nashoba Valley Chamber AND the business you are visiting so we can share too!

    Let’s see if we can spread some Chamber love!


    I’m Here Card Frequently Asked Questions

    Where can I get cards to distribute?

    You may pick up cards at the Nashoba Valley Chamber (2 Shaker Road, B200, Shirley), or at the next Business After Hours. Of course, if you receive an I’m Here card from another member, we encourage you to pass it on!


    How do I know if a business is a Chamber member?

    The easiest way to know if a business is a member of the Nashoba Valley Chamber is to download our FREE mobile app and check while you are out and about.  Additionally, you can visit our online directory here.



    How can I increase my company’s chance of getting an I’m Here card?

    We're going to assume you are already a member of the Chamber.  To increase your chances of getting an I'm Here card - you'll want to make sure others know you are a member. You can do this by displaying your Chamber window decal in your place of business. As a member, you also have permission to use the Chamber "Proud Member Of" logo on your website and other marketing materials.  Need help?  Give us a call at 978-425-5761.


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