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  • Massage Therapist

    Spavia Day Spa
    Job Description

    Massage Therapist

    Spavia Day Spa of Littleton is hiring part-time and full-time Massage Therapists at all levels of experience who are skilled in several massage modalities.
    Massage Therapists earn $55,000-$65,000+/yr including gratuity (30-hr week). Benefits include earned sick time (up to 40 hrs/yr), referral bonuses, generous discounts on products and services, flexible and consistent schedules, and complimentary uniform(s).
    • Massage Therapists earn excellent pay plus tips, commission and bonus. Opportunities to earn more for service upgrades. Pay is higher for longer and more strenuous treatments including deep tissue, hot stone and sports massages.
    • Massage Therapists are paid per treatment, so you’ll always know what you will get paid, regardless of any marketing promotions we may promote to drive new business.
    • Tips are higher – it’s not a massage clinic, it’s an affordable spa experience.
    • Breaks are longer – we care about you! We are not a massage factory.
    • You’ll be busy – we are in a fantastic location in a high traffic area; our affordable membership option encourages repeat guests; and we market continually for new guests.
    • High quality equipment (including hydraulic tables), linens and professional supplies are provided for massage therapists.
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