• 3 Tips to a successful garage clean out

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    November 15, 2018
    Dear Melissa,
    The holidays are upon us! This is a great time to organize decorations with a basement clean out, de-clutter the garage to make sure your vehicle will have a cozy home, or organize the house while preparing for the winter season. Give our knowledgeable dumpster consultants a call today to discuss your project needs. 
    At Your Disposal,
    Mike and Julie Paradise, local owners
    Bin There Dump That
    3 Tips to a successful 
    garage clean out
    Does your garage feel cluttered? Do you have to park on the street because your garage is full? It may be time to clean out your garage for good, especially with winter on its way. 


    Use these tips to make sure that this winter your garage will have a cozy spot for your vehicle to reside. 
    1. Purge The Junk
    Dive in and assess the damage, eliminating items as you go. This is a great way to weed through the obvious unwanted items immediately, leaving you a smaller pile to finalize. You will also be able to gauge just how much work you have ahead for yourself. 
    2. Sell Or Donate Your Unwanted Items
    Many of your items don't necessarily have to be destined for a dumpster. It just takes a little extra work to find them a new home. Donating items to a local goodwill store is a great way to contribute while reducing your clutter pile. If you're looking to make a return on your clutter, having a yard sale or consigning your items are good ideas. 
    3. Rent A Dumpster
    Most likely you are like the rest of us, and greatly underestimate just how much clutter you have accumulated in your home or garage. A dumpster is an amazing asset to have onsite during a clean out. It takes the hassle out of worrying about just what to do with all those unwanted items you have been sorting through and are now piling up in your driveway. And if cost is an issue, go in on one with your neighbors. Sharing the cost while all being able to finally get rid of unwanted items will benefit everyone.
    We have you covered! Give us a call at Bin There Dump That, and we will be happy to talk about your project at hand and provide you with the ideal size bin.
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