• Advice by Alicia: Caring for a Spouse with Dementia

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    February 22, 2019
    Advice by Alicia: Caring for a Spouse with Dementia
    Q: What advice do you have for spousal caregivers of a loved one with dementia?
    Finding out that your spouse has dementia is one of the biggest trials a couple will face. While caregiving may be easy at the beginning stages of the disease, eventually both spouses will have to deal with the gradual decline of memory, abilities and mental faculties. The individual may have behavioral changes or not recognize their spouse. By nature, dementia causes the relationship to change and evolve, and this can be difficult for both the caregiver and the person being cared for.

    At Bridges
    ® by EPOCH, we often say that dementia does not change who someone is as a person. For spousal caregivers, it’s important to understand that this is still the person you fell in love with and married, and there are still opportunities to do activities together and create meaningful moments and memories. Dementia doesn’t mean that your quality of life will go away – in fact, with support and the appropriate care, you and your spouse will be able to live a fulfilling life for many years to come. 
    Alicia Seaver is the Vice President of Memory Care Operations for EPOCH Senior Living and a Certified Memory Impairment Specialist. Every month, she addresses a specific issue related to memory and memory care. If you’re interested in hearing about a particular topic, please send a note to aseaver@bridgesbyepoch.com.
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