• How much do you know about money? ??

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    April 08, 2019
    • Have you ever wondered how you can save money for a large goal, like college tuition or buying a home?
    • Do you wonder if your children are able to manage their money, or even know money basics?
    • Are you concerned about having enough money to save for retirement?

    If you answered YES to any of these questions, then you are a perfect candidate for our financial education resource for our customers - Banzai online!

    Banzai is a FREE online financial education program that offers real-world insights on money management. For anyone ages 8 to adulthood, Banzai teaches the basics of money management...


    Creating and following a budget.

                 Managing financial dilemmas.

    Saving for goals, like paying for

    college or buying a home.

    The best part? We provide access to this resource for free, right on our website! Play Banzai from home, from your phone, or your tablet. Share it with your friends and see who scores the highest! The possibilities are endless.

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