• MBTA Unveils First of 10 Refurbished Locomotives

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    March 08, 2019

    MBTA Unveils First of 10 Refurbished Locomotives

    As part of its ongoing investments to continue improving commuter rail service, the MBTA is performing major overhauls on 10 locomotives. On Feb. 27, General Manager Steve Poftak unveiled the first to return to service with this work completed. Nine additional locomotives will be overhauled, all returning to service on a rolling basis by September.

    These legacy F40 locomotives have historically been the lowest-performing engines. This multi-million dollar investment will contribute to an increasing on-time performance (OTP) by reducing locomotive mechanical issues, which are a top cause of delays. The 10-year OTP average on commuter rail is 87 percent. Similar investments by the Baker Administration, MBTA and Keolis have delivered 89 percent OTP in 2016, 2017 and 2018. Although there is much more work to do, this locomotive overhaul program will help to further strengthen reliability for passengers. [Read More in The Boston Globe]


    Commuter Rail Performance Summary

    As noted above, several investments are starting to help improve on-time performance (OTP) to regularly exceed the 10-year average, although there is much more work to do. This trend has continued with December 2018 at 93 percent, January 2019 at 92 percent and February 2019 at 90 percent. This combines to be the best performing three-month stretch in the past six years on commuter rail.

    Although it has been a relatively mild winter so far, this time period includes many periods of extreme cold, several snow storms and the Patriots parade when the network experienced its highest ridership ever. Ridership estimates for the Patriots parade suggest commuter rail saw more than double a normal weekday, during which Keolis and the MBTA utilized all available resources to run 30 extra trains.

    There is much more to do to continue strengthening the commuter rail network and service for 127,000 daily riders, and the investments underway should help to further improve reliability. The dashboard below provides additional data on OTP.
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