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  • Operation: Garage Clean Out

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    November 20, 2017
    Operation: Garage Clean Out
    The garage shouldn't be a space where junk is left to accumulate and be forgotten. There are so many ways to put this space to good use, and it goes beyond just storing your car.


    It can be a workshop, a workout area, or somewhere to do work on your bike and car. With so much potential there's no reason why you shouldn't make cleaning out the garage your next home improvement project.
    But if you haven't been tending to your garage on a regular basis, you could be in for a big job. It's not easy to get rid of all the years' worth of stuff that has been accumulating in there. Make sure that this winter your garage will have a cozy spot for your vehicle to reside. 

    Use these 5 tips and make your garage clean out a success!
    1. Purge The Junk
    Dive in and assess the damage, eliminating items as you go.  Click Here To Read More
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