• Preparing Your Vehicle for the Winter Season

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    November 19, 2018
    Preparing Your Vehicle for the Winter Season

    Regular maintenance of vehicles under management is important year-round but even more so as we approach the New England winter season, which can test transportation reliability.

    OSD’s Office of Vehicle Management (OVM), the unit responsible for the acquisition, administration, leasing, maintenance, and repair of the Executive Branch fleet of light duty and passenger vehicles, publishes seasonal maintenance recommendations to keep vehicles working optimally. Paired with these recommendations are an arsenal of products and services on Statewide Contract to help you bring those recommendations to fruition.

    Now is a perfect time to ensure your vehicle is equipped for the challenges ahead. Take this opportunity to inspect wiper blades to make certain the hot, dry temperatures of summer didn’t crack or degrade their functionality. Test the remaining life of car batteries with a voltmeter and inspect terminals and cables for corrosion, cracks, or breaks. Check all fluid levels – oil, antifreeze, transmission, brake, power steering, and winter-grade windshield washer. As a reminder, preventive maintenance measures such as these can cost as little as $2.50 per vehicle per month when using VEH84A authorized dealers and repair shops across the Commonwealth! Another tip for this time of year is taking care to remove leaves and other debris from your windshield. These items may restrict water drainage, creating a ripe environment for ice dams to build up in cold temperatures which, in turn, may damage wiper blades and even crack windshields. 

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