• The Importance of Server Maintenance

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    December 20, 2018

    Bryley Information and Tips

    December 2018

    The Importance of Server Maintenance

    Let's face it, servers, like any piece of hardware, will eventually need to be replaced, but in the meantime, keep it running until it's time to replace it. Developing a checklist of the tasks that need to be done regularly can go a long way in ensuring your servers consistently perform at their best. Because servers take care of all your data, it is important to watch and properly care for them. Such maintenance involves constant monitoring and continuously analyzing how the server is functioning. Preemptive maintenance not only reduces server issues, but also may increase the longevity of your server.
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    Tis The Season for Porch Pirates – Don't Let a "Would Be" Thief Ruin Your Holiday

    Technology has made it very convenient to purchase just about anything and have it delivered at our doorstep.  Online buying and package delivery has really become the norm for retail shopping.  However, especially during the holiday season, there's an unfortunate piece of news – "porch pirates" - those modern day thieves who steal packages from doorsteps.  In a report from Package Guard, it claims that 11 million US homeowners have had packages stolen from their front door or porch in 2017, and those numbers are due to be higher by the end of this year.
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    Catherine Livingstone Shares the Holiday Spirit with Clinton's Fire Department

    Cathy Livingstone, co-owner of Bryley Systems, stepped outside the office to watch the Clinton fire department hang holiday decorations using their ladder truck.
    She told them how her 2 year old grandson wants to be a fireman and that he loves firetrucks. Next thing you know, they had her dressed and ready for action with Dewey the fire dog at her side.
    They took this picture, that will be sent to a very happy little boy who will think his Grandma Cathy is the "coolest Grandma ever!."  A special thanks to the Clinton fireman for making a spur of the moment truly memorable.
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    The Winner of our Monthly Service-Ticket Survey Drawing.  Monthly, we select a winner from all respondents to our surveys. Congratulations to BS from LB, our survey-response winner from last month.  Our winner received a $10 gift certificate, compliments of Bryley Systems.
    Client Service.  If you have questions about, or issues with, our client service or response, please contact Gavin Livingstone, President, at 978.562.6077 x215 or at GLivingstone@Bryley.com.

    Bryley's Client-Service Portal.  Bryley has made significant investments in our business systems and infrastructure to enable real-time communications regarding the timeliness and quality of services we deliver. A result is that client-service requests (with resulting service tickets) may now be added, viewed, or updated through our Client-Service Portal. 

    This real-time environment is available 24 x 7 at www.Bryley.com by selecting "Support" from the upper-right corner of our home-page and click on the Bryley Client Portal.  Registered users may perform these functions:
    • View the current status and details of their service tickets
    • Enter new service requests
    • Review invoices
    • View reports
    To use this capability, please contact us at 978.562.6077 to setup a username and password.  Training is also available at no charge.
    Bryley Referral Program. Those that refer Bryley Systems to a potential client automatically receive a thank-you card with a $10 gift certificate.  If the referral results in a new, Premier Client for Bryley Systems, we also offer your choice of one of these two options:
    • Two hours of computer assistance from a Bryley tech; a $270 value, or
    • A $125 gift card.
    If you wish to refer a client, friend, or prospect to Bryley Systems, please visit Referrals, call 978.562.6077 and select option 2 for Sales, or email Sales@bryley.com.
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