• Top 10 Reasons To Exhibit at the Nashoba Valley Home & Garden Show

    1. Experience the benefits of traditional home shows with the new technology consumers crave.  The Nashoba Valley Home and Garden Show has all the same benefits of traditional home shows but will focus on exciting new technology and innovations.
    2. Meet with early adopter consumers with disposable income. According to a study conducted by the Webby Awards the Majority of U.S. adults call themselves early adopters of new technology. The home improvement market is hungry for new technology.
    3. Reach consumers who are reviewing options to save money and modernize their homes with energy efficiency solutions.
    4. Introduce consumers to smart home solutions to keep homes safe and secure.   Our show is a way to reach consumers in a personal and non-threatening way.
    5. Meet with other exhibitors who offer home products and/or services to the home building industry.
    6. Network with other exhibitors in the Home Improvement and Smart Home Market who can help sell your products and/or services.
    7. Speak with home owners that want to improve the value and salability of their homes.  If you are are a real estate agent this is an opportunity to meet new customers and help existing ones maximize the ROI when selling their homes.
    8. Reach consumers who are looking for local home improvement experts and service providers like you. Capture leads, closed deals and help modernize and beautify homes.
    9. Find home owners who can share your products and/or services on social media.  If you have something new and innovative to offer and need a venue that allows direct consumer interaction. Exhibiting at our event allows consumers to see and experience the benefits of your products and/or services first hand.
    10. Help support local charities!  The Nashoba Valley Home and Garden Show is presented by the Nashoba Valley Chamber of Commerce.
    Sign up early to secure a great spot at the show!
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