• The Wonk - February 2016

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    Presidential Poll


    Welcome back after our February hiatus, hope you all enjoyed a good dose of Presidential politics.  If not, it will continue through November.

    Speaking of politics... CLICK HERE for our quick and confidential poll.  Let us know who you think should and will win.





    Upcoming Public Policy MeetingsOpiate

    March 1 - Join us for a behind-the-scenes look at Ayer District Court as we meet with the Hon. J. Elizabeth Cremens, presiding justice. We will meet at the courthouse. Space limited - RSVP required!

    April 5 - Are there too many charter schools or not enough?  Voters face this question in November. Join us to hear from Will Keyser, campaign manager of the ballot initiative to raise the charter cap.

    To RSVP - contact Melissa@nvcoc.com or 978.425.5761

    Limited seating - Members only!





    Mark Your CalendarsAnalysts

    March 1st is Primary Day in Massachusetts.  Make sure to exercise your right to vote!

    Questions? Visit







    Be on the Look Out for our upcoming Chamber Day on the Hill in June.


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